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Hi, I am Rio Yuliantoro

My name is Rio Yuliantoro, but in my blogging often use the name Aryo. I am native of Yogyakarta - Central Java and now lectures at STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA, and now settled in Sleman - Yogyakarta. Since the end of 2014 I started to learn blogging and in 2017 I bought the domain name and hosting aryo still use the free ones are still in blogger because it is still in the learning stages.

On the night that my 2017 book on IDwebhost.com domain with domain names and coincidentally aryo-go.com is still available then in the afternoon I bought the domain. This blog is a record of my journey that aspires to be a full time blogger. www.aryo-go.com a blog that contains a wide variety of tutorials taken from the internet and from personal experience. But as a human being and certainly has had limited knowledge and hope there will be a correction to the tutorials are conveyed to the progress of this blog. Apart from the business aspect because now I am still learning about Adsense and hopefully quickly accepted and not retreat in the middle of the road, www.aryo-go.com also a means to build a friendship, relationship, share experiences, and build community with bloggers other-blogger. If you want to communicate more, contact me via the Contact Us above or here.

"Do not expect something big with a sudden, start from the smallest and Reach all expectations in earnest with hard work and prayer."

"Try to catch your dreams, what you like and do what you love :) ♥"

Thank you,
aryo-go | Yogyakarta
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